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How Does the Fully Automatic Lifting Column Replace the Stone Pier? - 翻译中...

Modern transportation facilities are becoming more and more intelligent. In the past, we often saw some roads using stone piers to block traffic. This is a relatively traditional way of blocking. Along with economic progress and technological development, a new type of roadblock has become Beginning to gradually replace the stone pier, it is the automatic bollard. So what are the advantages of lifting columns compared with stone piers?

1. Functional differences between fully automatic bollards and stone piers

Now on the market, there are various styles of stone piers, such as flat top, spherical, column, etc., but stone piers do not have a power drive system, so they can only stand firmly on the street, while lifting bollards can move up and down freely. The bottom is equipped with a hydraulic drive system, which is powerful and stable. When a vehicle passes by, you only need to press the remote control lightly, and the retractable bollard will automatically descend to be flush with the ground. At this time, the vehicle can pass, and the lifting bollard The stainless steel chassis is adopted, even if a large vehicle passes by, it will not cause the chassis to deform and bend.

2. The automatic bollard has strong impact resistance

The stone pier is made of granite, marble or other materials. Its hardness and weight are indeed not as good as stainless steel products. Ordinary vehicles hit by vehicles are either "unrecognizable" or "shattered", while the wall thickness of automatic bollards can reach 8mm, so even if The malicious collision of the vehicle will not be horrible, let alone hit the core part of the bottom.

3. The style difference between fully automatic bollards and stone piers

The styles of the stone piers include spherical, cylindrical, etc. There are also carved stone piers and stone pier barricades made of stools for the convenience of citizens to rest. There are many styles and the surrounding buildings are more beautiful. But it can only stand guard at the same place, and cannot "extract itself" to achieve other functions. There are also many styles of automatic bollards, and there is a wide range of choices for customers.

4. Applicable places for fully automatic bollards and stone piers

Lifting bollards have a wide range of applications. Whether it is a highway or an airport, or an entrance and exit of a unit, lifting bollards can be used to complete vehicle control. The high-strength frame design structure of automatic bollards is suitable for airports, power plants, bank entrances, etc. The heavy frame structure design is suitable for enterprises, institutions, parking lots, hospitals and other places, while the light frame structure is suitable for scenic spots, properties, squares, etc. place. However, stone piers are only suitable for traffic intersections that do not need to be lifted, and the range is smaller than that of lifting bollards.

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